The Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels

The Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels

Michigan's BIG Show starring Michael Patrick Shiels is the radio and television program Michiganders choose to wake up to.

Michael Patrick Shiels Smiling Near Microphone

Shiels personality-based, newsmaker interview show covers politics in a non-partisan manner, plus entertainment, sports, lifestyles, travel and everything in between, while easing statewide listeners through their mornings and keeping them entertained and informed.

Shiels asks relevant questions - pointed, but with respect - and recognizes that listening is the most important quality of a good interviewer.

"Everyone is an expert at something," explains Michael Patrick, who uses humor and surprises to draw out interviewees. "Every person has a story. Just like Johnny Carson, my job is to get our guests to the point of their story while allowing them to express themselves in a genuine manner in authentic conversation."